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"I'm a 46-year-old mom of two boys, ten and thirteen. I was a competitor in my 20's, back when there was only bodybuilding and fitness. I was in the Air Force and loved fitness so much I became an aerobics instructor and also a personal trainer. Back in those days we all did the usual torture to our bodies when getting ready for a show. We would do an overload of cardio and our diet only consisted of chicken, rice, tuna, broccoli and egg whites. This is we what we call today "bro science".

Flash forward to 2014. My goal had always been to compete again before I turned 40. I had been busy raising kids and wasn't following any social media regarding competing, fitness or nutrition and challenging my competitive side running marathons. After turning 44, I decided to jump in and go for a show. I didn't do enough research and hired a trainer right of the gate, she was waaayyyyy too expensive and not a good match for me. I do however have to give her kudos as to my shock and excitement, I won, both my open class and masters. Before moving forward I knew needed a new coach, and I switched and hired my posing coach for everything. She was pretty amazing and I competed in two national shows. However, I was "carb depleting" and "carb cycling" and doing cardio twice a day. Zero carbs on my low days and my high carb days 90-120 grams. After my last show of 2015 I just fell off the wagon and ate whatever I wanted which quickly led to FAST weight gain!! Luckily I still stayed in the gym but ate whatever came my way, mostly everything I was restricted from during my yearlong prep, which was A LOT!!!

At this point I was very dialed in to social media and quickly started seeing all this "flexible dieting". I was researching like a crazy lady when I found Cori. I remembered seeing her at my first national show where she won her pro card. She looked AMAZING!!! I stalked her social media and found that she was also a product of the insane dieting before finding flexible dieting. I followed her for a few months and one day she announced she would be doing some coaching!!! Immediately I jumped on the list to be first for her individual nutrition coaching!

My journey with Cori started in January where we have been slowly reversing me to a level of sustainability, still working to achieve my goals. Cori has guided me to a very healthy place with my nutrition. She has kept me at the same weight, which stopped my rapid weight gain after my last show. Honestly, I have never had a good relationship with food. This has been twenty plus years of bad habits!! When I started with Cori, each week we added MORE food, and I have maintained my weight. In fact my food has doubled!! It has been an amazing journey with her, she has emphasized the LIFESTYLE change, whether or not I plan to compete again or just maintain a healthy relationship with food. This year I have traveled almost every month, and I have maintained the same weight as when I started with Cori in January! She has nurtured my crazy thoughts and helped me to have a balanced lifestyle. The first family vacation we took and I ate ice cream with my kids, they literally cheered! I thought my lifestyle was just disciplined, but now I understand, thanks to Cori, that I was not living a balanced lifestyle whatsoever but a restricted lifestyle. I also had developed an unhealthy relationship with food. Cori has the most amazing recipes and ideas for delicious food that fits within my MACROS. Hands down, I owe my entire lifestyle change and my healthy relationship with food to her. My family is over the moon with this new lifestyle and I have a feeling of peace about food. Cori is the real deal, she practices what she is preaching 150%! There is so much information out there, some good, but more bad and misleading. Cori is a product of flexible dieting, her body speaks volumes for what she represents! She is the best coach I have ever had! She is the most genuine person who cares deeply about spreading her knowledge and wants everyone to succeed in living a healthy lifestyle!"


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