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"I have always been active, and relatively thin, but after having my 4th baby, I could not lose the last of my baby weight. I was down to eating between 1100-1200 Calories a day, working out 6 hours a week and ALWAYS hungry. The scale wouldn't budge!

Cori introduced me to reverse dieting & I've never looked back. She slowly worked me up to eating over 2000 Calories a day, and in that time I actually lost a couple pounds!!! When I started my cut, I was able to lose weight while still eating 1600 Calories a day, and being able to enjoy the foods I love in moderation.

Reverse/flexible dieting has made it possible for me to go out to eat and eat in social situations without stress. I have learned to eat intuitively and trust myself. I even went on a weeklong cruise with my family (with no ability to prepare my own food or track my macros) and wasn't worried about it. Not once did I feel deprived, and I only gained 1lb (after 8 days of eating out for every single meal). In the past - a trip like this would have made me gain 5-7lbs, and it would take extreme measures to get it off. This time, within one week of going back to my set macros (not cutting at all), I was back to my pre-cruise weight.

Cori is amazing, as well. She is knowledgeable, encouraging, inspiring, and really helped me learn trust myself. She played a big part in helping me realize that I am more than a number on the scale. She is transparent, honest and so helpful. I can't say enough about how wonderful she was to work with. I wouldn't have been able to do this without her!"


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