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"I am so grateful to have reconnected with Cori and become a client on her macro-program. I have been coached by Cori for the last 5 months and have seen amazing results without having to kill myself or feel deprived in any way. I have a sound knowledge of food and nutrition, yet my relationship with food (especially over the last couple of years) has been rough to say the least. I LOVE food... not just "treat" foods ALL food — healthy, unhealthy, I love it all.

Before starting up with Cori I was in a downward spiral. Over the last 7 years I had gained and lost weight continuously. I got up to 148lbs and lost total control of my eating habits. I was either 100% strict and followed a 1300 Calorie diet with all clean food OR I was 100% off and eating everything in sight. Each time I went off the deep end I would try to punish myself by skipping dinner OR limiting the Calories I ate the following day, which in turn only made me eat MORE.

By following the macro plan Cori has laid out for me I feel so much more in control of my diet. I love that if/when I'm having one of "those" days, I can fit a "treat" food in my day. On those days that I do fall off a bit - I never feel so far off my program that I can't get right back on. Each time I have fallen off I have been honest with Cori when I check in. Instead of her telling me to "punish" myself, she has always been there to hold me accountable but still remind me that I am human and we all have days like that.

I feel completely different about food. I stick to the 80/20 rule most days. I recently competed in a natural body building competition (my first show in over 10 years) and took first in the figure division and earned my Pro-Card. When one of my relatives heard that I had won, she said "I didn't even know you were competing... you just went out to dinner with us 3 weeks ago". I loved that statement. The fact that I am able to live a normal life and go out to dinner with my family without them even realizing I am counting macros and staying 100% on my plan is AWESOME. I am forever grateful to Cori for helping me get my body back! I have lost 8% body fat and almost 15lbs."


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