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CoriFit Glutes CoriFit Glutes

Product Description

CoriFit Glutes was created to help you achieve a lower half that you've always wanted. This 4-week program is complete with 3 workouts per week and demonstration videos and weight recommendations for each exercise. Be prepared to work hard and let's build those buns! All exercises in the program are currently in Cori's personal workout regiment.

*This program assumes that you know your way around the gym and may not be suited for a beginner. If you are new to the gym, I suggest that you try the CoriFit Jumpstart program before starting CoriFit Glutes. CoriFit Glutes can be a supplement or replacement to your current lower body workout regimen.


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Do I need a gym membership for the workouts?

  • Yes. The workouts currently included with the CoriFit Glutes will require a gym membership unless you have an extensive home gym.

What format are the workouts in?

  • The CoriFit Glutes includes 4 weeks of workouts with 3 different workouts per week. Each workout consists of steady state warm-ups and the regular workout.

How long are the workouts?

  • The time it takes to perform the workouts is highly dependent on how long your rests are. Roughly 45 to 75 minutes is typical if you rest about 1 minute between sets and exercises.

Do I need any special equipment for the workouts?

  • Although they're not required, I highly recommend purchasing a hip thrust pad and a glute circle. The hip thrust pad will save your hips when performing hip thrusts and glute bridges and the glute circle will help give you a phenominal lower body workout.

How long will I have access to the workouts?

  • Forever! You'll always have access to the CoriFit Glutes workout.

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