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CoriFit Personal Coaching CoriFit Personal Coaching
CoriFit Personal Coaching
CoriFit Personal Coaching
CoriFit Personal Coaching

Product Description

CoriFit Personal Coaching includes:

*While your coaching and weekly check-ins only last the duration of coaching, there is no time-restricted access to the guides, lists, workouts and your previous coaching data.


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Do I need a gym membership for the workouts?

  • Yes. The workouts currently included with the CoriFit Personal Coaching will require a gym membership unless you have an extensive home gym. A home based workout regiment is in the works and will be included soon.

What format are the workouts in?

  • Both the mens and womens workouts are 16 weeks in length with 4 days of programmed exercises per week. Each workout consists of steady state warm-ups, dynamic warm-ups, and the regular workout. Over the course of 16 weeks the workouts get progressively more challenging to help build your strength and keep you engaged. For a visual sample click here.  Now, you'll also get full access to the 4 week CoriFit Glutes program too.

How long are the workouts?

  • The time it takes to perform the workouts is highly dependent on how long your rests are. Roughly 45 to 75 minutes is typical if you rest about 1 minute between sets and exercises.

Do I need any special equipment for the workouts?

  • Although they're not required, I highly recommend purchasing a hip thrust pad and a glute circle. The hip thrust pad will save your hips when performing hip thrusts and glute bridges and the glute circle will help give you a phenominal lower body workout.

Does the CoriFit Personal Coaching come with a meal plan?

  • Meal plans are not provided with the CoriFit Personal Coaching.  Instead, you'll learn how to determine what foods fit your macros and you'll also gain access to my shopping list and meal ideas to help get you started with a balanced and nutritious diet.

How many times will I get my macros calculated?

  • Custom macros are only calculated each time you check in. If you're looking for continued support and macro re-calculations you may be interested in my CoriFit Personal Coaching.

How long does it take to get my custom macros?

  • Macros are typically calculated for clients within 2 business days of their weekly check-ins.

Do you offer one-time macro calculations without the macro guides and workouts?

  • Not at this time. Although, popular demand may change this...

How long will I have access to my coaching dashboard?

  • Forever! You'll always have access to the your coaching dashboard so you can see your check-in and chat history along with all your macro data and uploaded photos. However, submitting new check-ins, chat messages, and photos will require an active coaching plan.

How long will I have access to the guides and workouts?

  • Forever! You'll always have access to the guides and workouts and you'll also get access to all new content added to the CoriFit Personal Coaching program in the future.

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